Good Nutrition – A Handbook for Trainers

TitleGood Nutrition – A Handbook for Trainers
Publication TypeManual
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBhavani R.V., Gopinath R., Nithya D.J., Raju S.
NumberMSSRF / MA / 2020 / 85
Date Published03/2020
PublisherM.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
Place PublishedChennai
Type of WorkManual
Publication LanguageEnglish
Other NumbersMSSRF / MA / 2020 / 85
KeywordsHunger, Malnutrition, nutrition

Malnutrition is a major challenge facing India. Besides under nutrition and hidden hunger caused by micronutrient deficiency, obesity and over nutrition are also on the rise. Awareness and knowledge about the nutrient content in the food we eat, balanced diet, nutrition requirement along different stages of the life cycle and the importance of hygiene and sanitation are very important for good health.

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