Livelihood avenues: Reducing economic vulnerabilities

TitleLivelihood avenues: Reducing economic vulnerabilities
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAnabel NJ
Book TitleStrengthening Resilience in Post-disaster Situations
PublisherAcademic Foundation
CityNew Delhi

Economic conditions can have a direct bearing on community resilience to disaster. Livelihood opportunities provide economic security that can help communities become more resilient to disasters.

By analysing the community situation and identifying needs, people can discover sustainable livelihood opportunities that can provide them with additional income. It is also important to be able to recuperate the livelihood assets from disaster impacts through programmes like land reclamation and agriculture rehabilitation. Samples of these types of programmes are: (a) strengthening microenterprises like sari business, goat rearing, fish vending and lime making, (b) community-based grocery shops, (c) reclamation of agriculture lands from prawn farms, (d) Integrated Mangrove Fishery Farming System (IFFS) Eco-friendly Aquaculture, (e) Revolving fund assistance to SHGs, (f) Diary farming etc. Each one of these are documented in detail in this chapter.

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