Measures to Mitigate Agrarian Distress in Idukki District of Kerala                          

TitleMeasures to Mitigate Agrarian Distress in Idukki District of Kerala                          
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsFoundation M.S.Swaminatha
Date Published05/2008
InstitutionM. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation

Idukki means a gorge, suggesting the steep hills and mountains and deep gorges common in the district. The Periyar flows through a narrow gorge formed by two legendary granite hills called 'Kuravan' and 'Kurathi'. About 97% of the total area of the District is covered by rugged mountains, undulating hills, valleys and forests. There are 11 peaks in Idukki, which exceed 6000ft in height and Anamudi, the highest peak of Kerala (8,842 ft), is one among the enchanting scenic views offered by the arrays of hills, mountains, thick forest, water falls, streams, lakes, rivers, dams, wildlife, orchids, sanctuaries, manicured tea gardens stretching across the horizon, farms with varies spices together with a mild summer and pleasant winter make Idukki a facoured tourist destination in Kerala. Idukki has a geographical area of 5,14,962 ha, which is 12.9% of Kerala. The district has 3.7% of Kerala's population. About 50% of its area is Reserved Forests. About 66% of the electric power of the State is generated here.


M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation


M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation

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