Supply-side measures improving food environments

TitleSupply-side measures improving food environments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRaneri JE, Padulosi S, Meldrum G, King OI
Start Page10
End page25
Date Published2019
KeywordsAgricultural Projects, Food availability, Food environment

Historically, agricultural projects have been largely unsuccessful in improving the rural food environment by increasing access to and utilization of foods (Burchi et al., 2011). Agricultural projects targeting food availability and consumption have primarily focused on increasing the yields of a select few energy-rich commodity crops and raising income from the sale of these crops to improve food and nutrition outcomes. This has resulted in several crops being over-researched and over-produced (for example, rice, wheat and maize) at the cost of more nutritious food species, including fruit, vegetables and legumes, which are generally under-researched and insufficiently available.

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